Wolverine Celsius Custom
2014 Wondercon Exclusive Darko Minicel - Sold Out!
Our project with The Danger Element, more pics here

 antec x rotobox x kusopop pulse custom headphones for CES 2014! we made a custom minicel with a dj booth with the custom design for the headphones, we had a blast making this custom. More pics on our Facebook Page.

Here's a first look at our 5 Star Cubs Minicel Edition. This colorway is truly a tribute to one of our favorite robots, Golion/Voltron.

On the right is the Battle Damaged 5 Star Cubs Edition which will be released first this year via Kuso Vinyl, www.kusovinyl.com


We now have Signed Minicel and Minifah Artist Proof figures available for sale. Only a handful are available. Visit our Online Store for details :)


Batman Hush Minicel Custom - Edition of 5 - Sold Out
 - More photos Here


Akuma Celsius Custom - Edition of 1 - More photos at www.rotobox.blogspot.com


Batman the Dark Knight Celsius Custom - Edition of 3 - Available now at our online store


More photos Here


Rotobox Suparobo Series - Jumbo Combattler V - Volt Out - More photos here

Rotobox Parallel Series - Yamagata's Robot with Yamagata - Edition of 1 - More photos here


Iron Man Mark VII Celsius Custom - Edition of 1 - More photos here

Voltes V PROTOTYPE (9.5" True Volt-In Box Figure)
We just finished the prototype for our voltes v midsized figure. As with the jumbo custom we did before, this figure also volts out. But this time, we made the volt-in process more actual.
We also made a color concept using photoshop to visualize what the actual figure would look like when painted. No quantity yet as to how many will be produced but it will definitely not be an edition of 1. More info soon!


Custom Motoko Kusanagi, edition of 1


Custom Guyver III Munny - Edition of 1


Revolver Girl 6ix 2012 SDCC Exclusive Barenaked Edition is now available online at Kuso Vinyl


Rotobox Jumbo Machinder Series - Mazinger Z Jumbo Qee Custom - Edition of 1 -
Below is a short video we did in line with the original Mazinger Z opening theme.


Rotobox Ganpla Series - 00 Raiser Gundam Custom Munny - Edition of 1


Rotobox Tribute Series - Batman Hush Celsius Custom, Edition of 4. Sold out. More photos in our Blog


Rotobox Jumbo Machinder Series - Mach Baron Jumbo Qee Custom


We have some signed (by Rotobox) Artist Proof Thundercraps figures available for sale. Both Tigrowl and Lion-Oh-Really are available individually or as a set.

Price for each figure is P600 and P1000 for the set.

For interested buyers outside the Philippines, kindly email us at info@rotoboxvinylanatomica for shipping and price.


SuperoboAndroid Avengers for Vinyl+Splash, more info here.


This is the first figure for our Rotobox Parallel Works series. The concept of this series is that we do our version of a certain character but with a twist, like a parallel universe or a different outlook on the character, in this case, it's from the anime Akira, where Kaneda has a bike, and in our parallel works series, we did a robot instead :) but we still based the concept on kaneda's bike. The poster that we did below is based on the poster of Akira, where kaneda is walking straight to his bike. More photos here


Check out our blog for unofficial photos of Rotobox's Spencer and Outta My Mind's Dave Quiles signing session at TTF.


Jumbo Machinder - Godaiqeen Voltron - Jumbo Qee Custom - Edition of 1
More photos at www.rotobox.blogspot.com


Fahrenheit Inazuma is now available at www.kusovinyl.com. This is a shared exclusive between Spaghetti Project and Kuso Vinyl. Limited to only 50 pcs. Comes with a cape, a blackboard, 4 swords, and a mini comic.



REMARK - custom mega dunny for Art Assault - Gibson Charity Show @ Art Basel. More info and photos in our blog.


20" Voltes V Jumbo Machinder Custom Qee - Edition of 1 - More photos here.

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