Minicel OG Artist Proof


Plus $15usd Shipping Fee

Minifah OG Artist Proof

Sold Out

Minicel Transition Artist Proof

Sold Out

Minifah Transition Artist Proof

Sold Out


Important Notes:

- We (Rotobox) are not responsible for any damages or lost during shipment of our customs/figures. Though we pack our figures well, this is not a guarantee that the figure will arrive at the buyer's address safely. A big part of shipping the customs/figures safely is based on the handling of the shipping company. This is beyond our control.

- In case of a damage incurred during shipment, we can offer to repair the figure/pars or send a new part/s if necessary for free. But shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer.

- Damages incurred by the buyer (after receiving the figure/s) will be charged with a certain fee to repair the figure or part/s.

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